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Friday, May 14, 2010

Finding Healthy Recipes

We all want to eat healthier foods and feel better, but we don’t want to be force food down our throats with names like “beef substitute” or “no-cheese lasagna.” Yuck.

As spring warms up (well, in some places) and there are more choices at the local Farmer’s Markets, you’ll be even more inspired to try new recipes and invent your own. Here is my recipe for a simple cherry tomato marinara sauce.Try pouring it over roasted vegetables or on an egg-white frittata as an Italian-inspired salsa. Breakfast can be a challenge, but readers like you offered some great suggestions in the comments section here.

Here are a few resources that will inspire you to cook healthier dishes. Many of them are based on traditionally healthy dishes from a wide variety of cultures.

American Heart Association’s Delicious Decisions

Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Recipes

Cooking Light is a magazine and website dedicated to healthy cooking

Food Network’s Healthy Eating

All Recipe’s Healthy Recipes

These links have been added to the side-bar so they will be easier to find in the future. What other online resources would you add?

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