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Monday, March 29, 2010

Healthy Breakfast at Home

Yes, advertising executives, we know summer is coming and you think we should be worrying about our figures.

Instead of trying on our “skinny pants” to see what damage winter left behind, let’s be active in our daily lives and work towards health while we plan our meals.

I don’t count calories or measure my food in any way. Living a healthy life daily (i.e. not dieting, but rather integrating healthy meals into your routine) includes fresh fruits and vegetables, limited fatty foods and eating when you’re hungry.

Breakfast is a good place to start. What is your favorite healthy breakfast? I don’t mean that terribly dry and gag-inducing cereal or tasteless “healthy” bread you can only swallow with a full glass of water. I mean that healthy meal that you crave and enjoy while you eat it.

Being on the Greek-kick that we are as we plan our summer honeymoon, I’ve been eating Greek yogurt with fruit and honey for breakfast. (Trader Joe’s offers a less expensive and low-fat version of the yogurt.)

Does this mean I’ve sworn off luxurious brunches and waffles? Of course not! Moderation is the key to everything.

(I’m not a doctor and we all have different needs. For more information on what’s best for your health, you should always speak with your doctor first.)


Shasta said...

I love yogurt, granola and honey served in a pretty bowl. And grapefruit. I always feel healthier after eating a grapefruit, for some reason.

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Mmm! That sounds good. Grapefruits *are* good for you (not a whole "grapefruit diet," but some grapefruits here and there.)

A friend was telling me recently that she enjoys the following breakfast:
A whole egg and an egg white cooked sunny-side up in olive oil. Then, she adds a baked potato topped with some olive oil and lemon. On the side, she has some salsa. Yum!

Lots of new ideas I hadn't thought of yet. Looking forward to food shopping and trying something new!

Thanks for reading and commenting, Shasta!

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Another idea from a reader: I also have some fruit and TJ's nonfat greek yogurt, along with a piece of whole wheat toast and butter or peanut butter. I feel so much better with that breakfast versus any other. ;-)

Unknown said...

I love oatmeal. The instant flavored kind is convenient when you're on the go, but it's too sugary for me.

I make the quick-cooking oats in the microwave, then add my own flavors and toppings. My favorite is berries with ground ginger. In the winter I like sliced bananas, walnuts and nutmeg.

And like Shasta, I love grapefruit!

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

That sounds great, Amy. I never thought to add ground ginger or nutmet. Great idea!

Thanks for your comments and for reading.