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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sushi @ Home and in Ann Arbor, MI

Now that we’ve prepared sushi at home, I think we’ll mostly be eating it out. It was not our easiest cooking adventure, although we did enjoy the results with a glass of chilled Saki.

If you decide to try it at home, I recommend watching these helpful Youtube videos:
Video on how to make sushi
Video on how to make handroll sushi
In the Ann Arbor area, you can buy almost everything you need at reasonable prices at the Hua Xing Asia Market.

The rice requires a bit more attention than other rice, as it needs to be properly cooled and mixed with rice vinegar. Carefully follow the instructions on your sushi rice package.

On recommendations from friends, we tried and fell in love with these two restaurants in the Ann Arbor area: Yotsuba and Godaiko. Both are outside of the downtown area and worth the short drive. Godaiko, next to an enormous Asian food market, has a Tatami room where you can sit on the floor with friends while you feast. Yotsuba is a bit further out and seems more popular; I’d recommend reservations. We were taken by the fresh ingredients, kind service to those of us who had questions about the menu and inventive sushi rolls.

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