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Monday, March 22, 2010

Online Food Writing Class with Chloe' at FDU

I will be teaching Food Writing this summer through Fairleigh Dickinson University’s online program. The course runs from July 12 through September 17th and will be fully online. You can earn three credits upon completion of the course. Here is the course description:

Food Writing
Do you enjoy reading food magazines and talking about what you ate or are planning to eat? This course will focus on how to write precisely about food. Taste, restaurant environment and the history of the dishes will be considered in the pieces. (No cooking skills required!) Ultimately, good writing is the basis for any strong piece of writing and the skills developed in this class can be transferred to other subject. Readings will include published magazine articles as well as a current book on the subject.

For more information, search FDU’s Webadvisor for Summer Session II. You can look for the course by typing “Miller” into the instructor box and clicking “Distance Learning Classes only.”

I invite you to learn more about FDU’s online programs.

Questions about the course? Don’t hesitate to contact me at ChloeMiller(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you are interested in other writing classes, please see my list of open classes. I am also available to work privately with you on your writing.  

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