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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sava's Cafe in Ann Arbor, Michigan

I want Sava's Cafe on State Street in Ann Arbor to be my new favorite restaurant. With the high ceilings, spacious seating arrangement, and menu that includes fresh squeezed juices, potato pancakes and croissants with nutella, it is close.

But, it isn’t quite there yet.

While the menu is indeed NJ-diner-ish (the ultimate compliment for a breakfast spot), the food isn’t always hot or what you'd expect from the menu listing. The first time I went, I tried the potato pancakes and was surprised by their pink hue. They didn’t taste right, either. The waitress told me that they were seasoned with ketchup. Ketchup? Being allergic to the corn syrup in most commercial ketchups, I was surprised and displeased that I’d eaten some of it, since it wasn’t described in that way on the menu. Very kindly and apologetically, the waitress took away the dish. I ordered a toasted croissant spread with nutella which reminded me of Italy (another high compliment.)

Not wanting to give up on the inviting space, I returned a week later and tried one of their creative egg and hash concoctions. With a Mexican twist, it came with chorizo sausage, guacamole and sour cream. The combination of flavors, topped with an egg on top, was delicious, although not as hot as it could have been. My husband had a crepe, which was light and sweet.

Locally minded, they serve Mighty Good Coffee, which can’t be beat, and Knight’s burgers. I look forward to trying lunch or dinner there.

Thanks to the Ann Arbor Chronicle for linking to this review!

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