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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Slows Bar.B.Q in Detroit

Slows, a fairly new, hipster BBQ place, was hopping last Friday at 5 pm. Without a dinner reservation, we only waited half an hour with local beers from the tap, including Shorts Brewing Company.

And then we gorged ourselves. Each dish came with two sides and the portions of not-so-light food were generous. My black eyed peas and my husband’s macaroni and cheese were authentically southern, gooey and perfectly salted. Except for the ribs, which were a bit dry, the entrees were simply delicious. The table was outfitted with a selection of BBQ sauces, which you can see above.

The restaurant, with a door fashioned to blend into the wall like an old speakeasy, is very close to the old Detroit train station, the Michigan Central Station.

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