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Monday, April 26, 2010

Georgetown Cupcakes

Cupcakes have been popular for some time. Silly me, I thought the rage was ending. While we’ve been living in Michigan, Georgetown Cupcakes opened in Georgetown and Bethesda and each one was packed whenever we passed.

The line moved quickly when we decided to wait to buy a dozen cupcakes. There were thirteen flavors available and we chose a mixed box of twelve different flavors. (We only left “Vanilla Vanilla” behind.)

The cupcakes were delicious and free of corn syrup, which I'm allergic to and lots of people prefer to avoid. My favorite flavors were the mint and the peanut butter. The frosting, something I usually can’t eat, was light, sweet and intensely flavored.

The cake was good, too, but next time I might just eat the frosting off of them all first. If we are eating cupcakes, we certainly don't have to behave like grownups, right?

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