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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Ginger People Company

I’m not a brand-loyal kind of a buyer, but I do love almost everything that The Ginger People produce. The spicy yet sweet taste of ginger comes through their numerous products. And these are products that would take quite a while to make on your own (I know because I’ve tried to make crystallized ginger and ginger syrup. Not quick activities.) So, forget about making everything yourself and indulge in a few store-bought treats.

My husband, who loves all things ginger, first introduced me to the Original Ginger Chews. They melt down eventually, but are temporarily as chewy as gum and offer a burst of energy healthier than coffee. We’ve since tried some of the other flavors, Spicy Apple and Hot Coffee, but always come back to the Originals.

The Ginger Beer is refreshing on a hot day and the syrup works just fine anywhere you’d add honey or maple syrup, like tea, pancakes, yogurt or vanilla ice cream. This morning’s yogurt smoothie with plain yogurt and blueberries perked up with a teaspoon of the syrup.

Their regular newsletters share news about the benefits of ginger (good for athletes for a quick re-charge) and plenty of recipes from drinks to breakfast to dinner to appetizers to of course, desserts. I grew up having a ginger ale if my stomach was troublesome and these dishes offer the same relief with no corn syrup. I’ve read that pregnant women with nausea rely on fresh ginger and The Ginger People’s treats.

Their products are becoming more common in specialty and regular supermarkets. I’ve found a number of them for reasonable prices at the Ann Arbor World Market. I haven’t found the Ginger Juice, though, which sounds great for a summer mixed drink. Since squeezing a piece of ginger root myself sounds troublesome, I might just order it online.

What’s your favorite ginger recipe?

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