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Monday, April 5, 2010

Detroit Institute for the Arts: The Art of Dining

I pull my chair up to a video-projected dinner of formal eighteenth century French dining on the top floor of the Detroit Institute for the Arts. Plates appear with written descriptions and hands with lacy sleeves show me how to handle the utensils and delicate foods. Middle-schoolers crowd into the other chairs and around the table. I can’t help but wonder along with them at the intricate dishes and formality of the meal.

The museum brought otherwise boring cases of polished silver serving plates to life. The exhibit of the dishes used surrounded us, a surprising crowd on a sunny, Friday afternoon in Detroit.

The DIA, as the Detroit Institute for the Arts is called, was recently renovated and houses an enormous collection of varied works. From Diego Rivera murals to child-friendly and thought-provoking explanations, there is really something for all ages. They creatively present material to make distant customs accessible.

Online, you can watch part of the video or visit their website.

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