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Monday, April 2, 2012

Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter!

Gigantic Italian Chocolate Easter Egg (and some extra cookies)

I can't visit The Italian Store without picking up my favorite cheeses: 
Fresh mozzarella, fresh ricotta, Tuscan pecorino and smoked scamorza

This is orzo (barley) coffee, which is naturally decaf.
This brand is marketed to your child (bimbo), 
since, of course, he wants to drink coffee with the adults.

Easter, like St. Joseph's Day, calls for a special trip to The Italian Store in Arlington, Va. After living in Italy, Easter isn't complete without a giant chocolate Easter egg or a Colomba cake. Two years ago I had a lot of fun making an Egg and Swiss Chard Pie, which I might try again. And, of course, I'll be dyeing eggs to decorate them (and eat egg salad sandwiches for a few days.)

What are your favorite Easter traditions and where do you find your favorite specialties or ingredients?

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