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Monday, April 30, 2012

Arborio Rice from Bob's Red Mill

As I described in a recent Buono! post about risotto, risotto is commonly made with the short-grain, high starch arborio rice.

The other day, I prepared Bob's Red Mill's arborio rice and followed their basic recipe. Well, maybe "followed" is too strong of a verb. As I often do, I started with a recipe and made some adjustments along the way.

This time I substituted olive oil for butter and chose not to add the peas. Instead, I started the dish by sautéing the onion with sliced kale. Then, I put the kale on the side (so as not to overcook it) and continued the recipe. I added the kale to the cooked rice at the very end. At that point, I seasoned the dish with rosemary and sage. I served the risotto topped with pine nuts, olive oil and freshly grated cheese and hot pepper flakes. 

The lesson about altering a recipe? Once you are comfortable with a dish (the general cooking time, necessary components, like the rice to broth ratio here), make the necessary changes to cook the dish that you wish to eat.

Full Disclosure: I received the rice for review from Bob's Red Mill (thank you!); I was not compensated for this post. All opinions here are entirely my own.

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