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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Search for the Perfect Burger, Part I

We started our search for the perfect burger in our neighborhood, Glover Park in Washington, D.C. Kitchen2404 is a southern-inspired bar-restaurant with reasonable prices and a friendly wait staff.

I ordered the Kitchen Burger (in-house blended and marinated beef, greens, tomato, wood herb mayo, delta devil sauce) and my husband ordered the Pit Burger (pulled pork, angus beef, fried egg, creamy slaw, smoked bacon, barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion). In his defense, I sort of made him do it.

So, the question remains: should the Pit Burger be so complicated? It was almost impossible to eat such a mammoth burger with so many parts without a fork, but it was delicious. Does a burger need a fried egg? Probably not, but why not?

In general, I prefer my food more savory than sweet. The “delta devil sauce” on the Kitchen burger and the combination of pulled pork, barbeque sauce and caramelized onion on the Pit Burger were a little sweeter than I’d like or expected. That said, they were both cooked perfectly (medium rare, of course) and delicious. Probably other folks would have liked this sweet-savory combination more than I did.

We ordered the fries crispy and they were. Kitchen has a great happy hour and we’ve loved everything we’ve had there so far, from the shrimp & grits to the sweet potato and scallion hushpuppies.

We look  forward to trying the many other burger places that help to keep Washington, D.C., famous as a good eatin' town. Don't worry, we have a long list. What's your favorite?

See you in our corner of D.C. on Tuesdays when Kitchen has half-off burgers?

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