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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Euronight 2010

The European embassies gathered together at the French Embassy on Friday night for Euronight. They each offered tables of traditional food, drink and tourist information. There was live music inside and out and even swag to take home (we have a new reusable shopping bag filled with everything from magnets to recipe booklets to new thumb drives to a water bottle.)

It was hard to resist seconds at the Italian table with the wine, beer and famous arancini (rice balls.) Belgium’s table, one of my favorites, boasted fresh waffles and chocolate pudding.

While we arrived when the doors opened and thought it was crowded then, after two hours it was mobbed with hungry guests grabbing food and cutting in line for the larger plates, like at the German table that offered two types of sandwiches and a taste of sausages.

I found out about the event through an Italian language Meetup group. You might be interested in looking on that site for local language or cooking related activities.

See you there next year?

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