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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eating is Messy: How to Remove Olive Oil Stains

I was recently carrying a two liter can of olive oil and it leaked onto my skirt. Not just a little, mind you. There were long, dark stains all over the right side of the skirt. I was embarrassed and annoyed, but then I remembered the Italian secret to removing olive oil stains: baby powder.

Stain removal technique:

Pour ample amounts of baby powder on the stain. Let it sit for hours (I usually leave it in the tub overnight.) After it has had a chance to absorb the stain, knock off the loose powder and brush the rest off with a hard brush. If the stain is deep, I usually repeat this at least twice.

Wash the clothing normally. I do recommend avoiding the dryer until you know it is clean so you don’t risk setting any stains.

This works best on cotton, but you can always try your luck with other fabrics.

And they said olive oil stains were forever. Ha.


Jen said...

THANK you!!!! You have no idea how excited this post made me! This is a chronic issue of mine. ;-)

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Happy to help!