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Monday, June 4, 2012

Six Types of (Birthday) Mozzarella

Wednesday is my 36th birthday. There, I said it. 36. A woman’s age is supposed to be a secret, but why? We should celebrate what we’ve done and what we have yet to experience.

I’ve always been quite taken by the number six. It started when I was six and thought it was a pretty cool age.

Six has treated me well – it has appeared in friends’ phone numbers, addresses, and other places where numbers show up. Since I’m pretty vague about my superstition, I also enjoy 2 (since 2x3 is 6, of course) and 3 (for similar reasons.)

By that very odd and illogical logic, this should be a great year.

And I look forward to a year with at least six types of mozzarella: fresh, smoked, braided, in tiny ciliegine balls, di bufala and burrata.

Mozzarella everywhere! A meal at 2Amy's Pizzeria 
(2 years ago)

If you're curious, last year I listed some of my (not-always-mozzarella) favorite foods.

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