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Monday, May 28, 2012

King Arthur Flour’s Semolina Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Mix

I’m pretty obsessed with pizza. My husband and I go out for pizza, order pizza in, make our own dough, buy dough and top it and, now, have tried King Arthur Flour’s Semolina Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Mix

I’d like to say that I’m against mixes because I always prepare everything from scratch, but then I’d be lying.

We all have a million things to do and need to take the steps necessary to make the preparation of healthy – and, most importantly, tasty – meals easy, especially on week nights. Whole wheat pizza crust mix solves this problem.

After brushing the dough with olive oil, I topped the pizza with marinara sauce, sautéed asparagus, raw garlic and a mixture of both low-fat mozzarella and smoked scamorza cheese.  

Delicious! And quick.

Perhaps, though, if I hadn’t been a wee bit cocky about my pizza making skills, the toppings wouldn’t have started to glide off to one side and it would look prettier. These things happen.

Full Disclosure: I received the mix for review from King Arthur Flour (thank you!); I was not compensated for this post. All opinions here are entirely my own.

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