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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Torna a Sorrento Restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey

"How about dinner this neighborhood joint I've been wanting to try?"

My family eats dinner at Torna a Sorrento in Elizabeth, New Jersey, so often that my dad likes to tease that it is a new find. I’m pretty sure that you can find my parents there at least once a week. We’ve celebrated many birthdays, including my great Aunt Dora’s 100th, and events there, like my wedding rehearsal dinner.

The owners are from Sorrento (the name means “Return to Sorrento,” after a song by the same name.) The food is southern Italian, which is closest to traditional Italian-American fare. I’m pretty certain we’ve never eaten there without a plate of fried calamari, which no area restaurant can beat. They regularly have creative specials, like stuffed artichokes, and even have St. Joseph’s pastries every spring.

If you're in the area, stop by and say, "hello" from me to John, the owner who will greet you by the door.

Torna a Sorrento
(908) 351-4060
52 Westfield Ave  
Elizabeth, NJ 07208
(no website)

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