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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Carving a Roasted Chicken

A former vegetarian, I remain squeamish about raw meat or meat on the bone that resembles where it came from. That said, I do love eating meat. This presents quite a conundrum.

I was determined to not only roast a chicken, but properly carve it. My father has given me countless lessons on where to place the knife, but without practice, it is impossible to remember.

I used this helpful, instructional video from the Culinary Institute in New York. The best part of the video is that the chef is carving a small chicken and you see how he moves it around on the cutting board. A larger bird, like a Thanksgiving turkey, is easier to carve.

To prepare roast the chicken, I followed the recipe in the New York Times cookbook. I brushed olive oil and spices on the bird.

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