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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stocking a Kitchen (While Making Room for Baby)

The moka made the cut

As we prepare for our baby, we're working to clear out clutter and make some room in the kitchen for bottles and whatnot. This has made me think about what I can't live without:

Cuisinart Food Processor and attachments
I love the speed with which I can chop, mix dough, grate, etc. with the food processor. It was expensive, but worth it.

Moka coffee maker
Quick, satisfying and best way to make Italian coffee cheaply at home. Don't forget a favorite mug.

Le Creuset cast iron pot
I'm pretty obsessed with my Le Creuset. If you are staying home, it serves as a slow-cooker without taking up space on the counter.

A few good knives for chopping and a medium sized chopping board that fits in the kitchen.

Just a few good pots and pans: Heavy, small pan for omelets, large pot to boil water, medium pot for sauces, smaller pot for rice or grains and a pan for meat.

Since I presume we'll be busy, the donut maker, fryer, pasta maker, and other "treat" items are now either put away or in the back of the cabinets. (Don't worry; I kept everything for a later date.)

I look forward to the day when our child is old enough to help prepare meals and eventually a full meal.

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