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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Themed Halloween food: Stuffed peppers / Alien pods



Would you like some Alien pods? Maybe you'd prefer if we called them stuffed peppers? 

Some friends recently threw an Alien watching party. Dinner was composed all of all stuffed (read: potentially exploding) items. The hosts prepared fish stuffed with crabmeat and butternut squash ravioli. We brought along stuffed peppers / Alien pods which were, coincidentally, vegan.

To prepare them, I carefully sliced out the stems and then cleaned out the insides of the peppers. I made three cuts to allow three (more or less) flaps and trimmed the edges to make them somewhat (very "somewhat") triangular. I brushed the pan and each pepper with olive oil. Since peppers are crisp when they are raw, this was tricky. With practice, I imagine they'd be more attractive (or frightening?)

The filling was a mix of diced sautéed vegetables (onions, zucchini, celery and kale) with brown rice and almond slices. I baked the peppers for about an hour at 350 degrees and we ate them room temperature. 

What's your favorite scary food for Halloween-y meals?

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