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Monday, September 24, 2012

Poetry & Food: Poem Hunger Published

Thanks to Leah Umansky for choosing my poem Hunger, as a part of a special section in THEthe Poetry, from the Red Room Company.

Leah writes in the introduction:

Being a Woman in the 21st Century has its charges. It depends on the decade and the day. (…) It is glorious, despite what drags us often down. We rise. The difference, now, is the verve with which we arm ourselves -- that is what makes the 21st Century Woman. (…) Chloe Yelena Miller’s “Hunger,” focuses on food, smell and the past – a poem about the maternal and memory, but also a poem about the domestic.

Hunger first lists fancier foods, and ends with my grandmother’s ziti before introducing my grandmother. That is to say, a list of things that I hunger for.

My paternal grandmother would bake ziti in a wide pan with marinara sauce and lots and lots of mozzarella. My favorite parts were the drier ziti on the edges that became just a little too crispy in the oven. As you can see, it is impossible to separate food and cooking from my poetry.

For more on my writing and poetry, I invite you to read my blog, Chloe Yelena Miller


Dee said...

What a wonderful poem.Congratulations on having it published.

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

Thanks so much!