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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crespelle alla Fiorentina

Crespelle alla fiorentina are essentially spinach crepes baked with a bechamelle sauce. Like lasagna or other baked dishes that you can prepare in advance, they’d make a great dinner party entrĂ©e. Or, you can eat the entire platter with your husband, like I did. (Over the course of a few meals, of course.)

I followed the recipe in the cookbook Classic Italian Jewish Cooking: Traditional Recipes and Menus (which you can find in my Amazon store), but you can also find similar recipes online. This one, from Tuscanycious, looks great. The only difference seems to be that it calls for ricotta, whereas the recipe I used didn’t.

My crepes didn’t all fit in the pan and I was too lazy to get another, smaller pan out. That was a mistake because the ones squished on top of each other didn’t cook as evenly as the others.

While the recipe took longer than I expected (making the individual crepes, the sauce, the filling and then baking it), it was worth the wait and effort. 


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