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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Papabubble Candy, New York City

They call themselves “caramels artisans” and they are right. Papabubble in New York City make candies so beautiful that they resemble hand-blown Venetian glass.

They layer their flavors and colors into delicate candies. They have small ones with designs inside ranging from words (words!) to pictures like tiny pineapples (pineapples!) You can special order candies with your own notes, designs or flavors.

I bought my husband a bag of spicy mango candies and for myself, hard raspberry candies filled with chocolate. I tried to limit myself to one candy per day, but when there were only three left, I couldn’t stand it anymore and gorged. My goodness, it was heaven. How did they get the chocolate inside of the hard shell? How did the lines across the candy become so straight? How were the colors so clear?

I may not have much of a sweet tooth, but I cannot resist these corn-syrup free pieces of art.

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