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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Asian Legends in Ann Arbor, MI

Deana Kim Dalrymple, who teaches Chinese at Washtenaw Community College, recently met me at Asian Legends in Ann Arbor for lunch.

As someone who usually orders Lo Mein and other less adventurous Chinese dishes, this was an opportunity to try something new. With some description help from Kim, here are the Taiwanese dishes we had:

Pig ear, seaweed, and dried tofu. (For the pig ear, the exact Chinese translation is "pig silk" because the pig ear is cut into long strips like silk. The pig ear portion of the dish is in the upper right-hand corner, the seaweed is in the upper left-hand corner, and the dried tofu is down below.)

Stinky bean curd (upper left-hand corner) and Chinese cabbage (lower right-hand corner).

Taiwanese pork pan-fried dumplings (another name for "pan-fried dumplings" is "pot-stickers.")

Pepper Salt Pork Chop


Asian Legends (no website)
516 East William Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2418
(734) 622-0750

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