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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ann Arbor German Restaurant: Metzger's

I’d been eyeing the German restaurant Metzger’s for a while. It is on Zeeb Road, close to Baxter’s, a liquor store with a great selection and reasonable prices.

We’d heard good things about the restaurant from locals and even from one of the ferry workers on Mackinac Island. I checked that they had potato pancakes (a hard dish to find in Ann Arbor, even at Zingerman’s during Chanukah!) and we had dinner with a friend.

There are ornate wooden clocks on the wall along with rows of larger beer steins. The interior is warm and inviting. Unlike a lot of the restaurants that seem to mimic chain-restaurant interiors, this felt sincere and authentic.

My husband and our friend had the sauerbraten (slow roasted beef marinated in wine, vinegar, and spices served with a sour cream gravy) with potato pancakes on the side. I tried the Rheinischer Sampler: wiener schnitzel and sauerbraten served with spatzle and red cabbage. Both dishes are pictured above. Neither dish, when it was served, was particularly pleasing to the eye. They weren’t steaming with heat and the colors were dull. Maybe we should have tried one of the sausage dishes?

I was taken by the beer I had, a dark Warsteiner. I don’t usually drink beer, but this one had a soft spice under the bubbles. It wasn’t as dark as I was expecting, but the flavor was still quite full.

Most people tend to focus on the restaurants closer to the University of Michigan. I enjoy exploring the outskirts a bit and eating where the long-term locals eat. This one, though, didn’t excite me enough to return in the future. At least we had a coupon!

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