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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Buon San Valentino!: A salute to love

Bridge in Florence where my husband-to-be proposed, 
in Italian, in 2008

Today is a day for love, romance, friendship and kindness. While the Italian holiday focuses primarily on romantic couples, in the U.S., we open up the meaning of the word “love” to include a greater variety of relationships. Sure, it can be quite the commercial holiday, but we can still have fun regardless of our relationship status (For some chocolate-centered-commercial-ness for today’s holiday, you might enjoy this year’s Baci Perugina ad).

What will you be doing today? You might want to give someone a bacio (kiss) and tell them ti amo (I love you). If you love a non-romantic friend or family member, tell them you love them like this: Ti voglio bene. (It is best never to confuse these two phrases…)

Read more about the history of Valentine’s Day that started in ancient Rome.

And on a more serious note, I support Newark, New Jersey, mayor Cory Booker’s take on marriage for all. Booker said during a recent news conference: "Dear God, we should not be putting civil rights issues to a popular vote, to be subject to the sentiments, the passions of the day. No minority should have their rights subject to the passions and the sentiments of the majority. This is the fundamental bedrock of what our nation stands for." 

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