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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Cake's One Year Anniversary

We froze our wedding cake one year ago and expected that when we defrosted it, the result would to be more of a science experiment than dessert. As my husband and I continue to eat a slice every night, we remain surprised by how delicious it is.

After our wedding, my father triple-sealed the top layer of the cake with the Ziplock Vacuum Freezer System. With a hand pump and a few special Ziplock bags, he was all set. My parents kindly kept the cake in their freezer for us while we traveled, returned to Michigan and eventually moved back to the east coast this summer. Earlier this month, I packed up the cake in an ice chest with reusable ice packs, brought it back to D.C. and then defrosted the cake for two days in the refrigerator.

Our wedding cake had alternating layers: chocolate cake with nutella and banana and chocolate cake with cannoli filling. The butter cream frosting was blue with brown, chocolate ganache dots. The chocolate ganache was rubbery, but the cake, butter cream frosting and filing – we lucked out with the nutella and banana filling – tasted only a day old.

Should we freeze a fried egg for next year?

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