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Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Semester’s Cooking Challenge

I need to be a clever cook this semester. I was recently hired to teach two early morning writing classes at George Mason University. And when I write, “early,” I mean it. My first class, which meets three times a week, starts at 7:30 am. This means that to make it on time with some leeway for possible traffic, I should probably leave the house everyday at 6:00am. It is only about 20 miles away and against most commuter traffic, but it is still a densely populated area which means that the traffic risks are great. I’m a natural early bird, but that’s early for anyone.

So, I’ve transitioned back to someone who changes out of her sweatpants to leave the house regularly. For the last two years I’ve been teaching just about 100% online. I gained time by eliminating a commute and therefore had more time to cook. The challenge this semester is to still find time to grocery shop, make two interesting and healthy meals a day to eat at home most days and pack some lunches, while still getting everything done. I’m sure you know what I mean.

I couldn’t be more excited to return to the classroom. I enjoy teaching online and will continue to do so, but I discovered that I’m someone who misses having a regular reason to leave the house and talk to people face-to-face. A combination of the two – online and in-person teaching – sounds perfect and I'm excited about it.

Most people have this challenge that I’m returning to. In the past, I remember making sure there were a lot of leftovers, freezing extra portions and sharing the shopping, preparation and cleaning with my husband. I look forward to sharing quick recipes and some tricks.

What are your tricks?


Jen said...

Cooking a variety of things on Sunday and freezing them for later in the week. Also, I always have a pasta night which is simply pasta, garlic, and some vegetable showcased - throw a salad together while the pasta is cooking. It sounds like you have a fun semester ahead of you!

Chloe Yelena Miller said...

All good ideas. Wish I was nearby to sneak in for pasta night - sounds good!